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Edgars | Latest Catalogues and Specials Edgars stores service middle to upper-income family groups within South Africa. They offer value-priced essentials, great international and national clothing as well as showcase the biggest brands in the industry. They aim to become the leading retailer in footwear, cosmetics, textiles, and clothing. They have over 150 stores throughout SA and over 5000 employees. Edgars stores offer value to customers on both price and quality. Edgars store offers a wide range of products including Accessories: Edgars offers accessories from leading brands such as Guess, Prada, Polo, Versace, and Ray-Ban. They showcase a range of bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, bags, rings and much more. Edgars Active: Edgars Active is Edgar’s range of fitness clothing and accessories. They offer merchandise from leading fitness retailers such as Adidas, Puma, and Nike.Cosmetics: Edgars offers a wide range of cosmetics for every occasion. They even have a stand-alone specialty store ‘Red Square Rsquo; which showcases a wide range of cosmetics and fragrances from leading brands throughout the world. Footwear: Again, Edgars maintains a massive variety of shoes from leading retailers. Should you be looking for that perfect night-on-the-town shoe, that running shoe or simple work shoes, Edgars will have them all. Fragrances: As mentioned above, Edgars offers a variety of fragrances and cosmetics both in-store and in their stand-alone specialty store, Red Square.Clothing: Edgars showcases an exceptional range of men, women and children clothing for all ages. Gift cards: Edgars also allows customers to purchase gift cards. These can then be redeemed in-store at a later stage Edgar stores on GuzzleGuzzle showcases Edgars stores and specials in your area. Browse Edgar’s catalogs online to find deals near you.

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Edgars has something for the whole family, excellent Edgars dresses for the ladies, a gorgeous selection of Edgar’s shoes for men, women, and children at affordable prices.  Why shop at Edgars you may ask? Not only does the shop stock some of the most leading name brands in fashion history such as Gucci, Nike, Nine West, Pacco Rabanne, Dior, Playtex, Puma and Hugo Boss just to name a few, but also affords these quality brands at affordable prices when it comes to money-saving deals. Edgars online also grants shoppers the liberty to shop from clothes to homeware appliances and décor with featuring brands such as Nutribullet, Russell Hobbs, Phillips, Jamie Oliver and lots more. Edgars trading hours will vary from store to store depending on the mall hours wherein the store is located, but customers can enjoy a 24hour shopping experience thanks to Edgar’s online shopping facilities via the company website. Also, see the Edgars catalog for more Edgars specials.

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All clothing is of the best quality and standard. Edgars also offers a variety of clothing from leading clothing manufacturers worldwide. Edgars Intimate Wear: Edgars also supplies an exquisite and sexy range of lingerie. Some Lingerie brands that Edgars offer include Wonderbra, Playtex, Sloggi, Kangol and much more. When it comes to baby clothing at Edgars Stores, you could find yourself losing hours shopping for the little one/s. The thing is, you want the best for your children and when shopping at Edgars, this is what you will find. They have a wide selection of girl’s clothes and boyswear, and you will find any type of clothing item for any season. At the end of the day, we always find that our little ones have more clothes than we do. Especially when it comes to shoes. However, the truth is that these clothes and shoes will soon get too small and they have to be replaced. When shopping for any type of baby clothing at Edgars stores, many will tell you to buy Tshirts, shorts, skirts, pajamas, and jerseys a size bigger. So this way, your little one will still have to grow into it, making it last longer. Girl’s clothes can be something of a task because you want the little angel to be warm and pretty at the same time. When it comes to boyswear, choosing one of the dozens of jerseys and some Tshirts will be enough. Don’t forget the pants, though. There is so much you can choose from when it comes to shopping for the kids. You should definitely have a look at the cute pajamas and jerseys for those cold months. Babies are not fussy when it comes to clothes. They cannot tell you that they do not want this or that, but sometimes we as parents will speak for them. When the summer months approach, pack the Gro1`he skirts for the girls. Take a moment to see what baby clothing at Edgars stores you are able to find and get the best for your little ones.

Mar 09, 2020

Edgars Reviews

Address: QUARTER, Carr St, Newtown, Johannesburg, 2000

Edgars - Rosebank Mall
Address: Shop 2382/239, No 50 Bath Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196


Edgars Balfour Park Mall
Located in: Balfour Mall
Address: Shop L124, Balfour Park Shopping Centre, Athol St, Balfour, Johannesburg, 2094

Edgars Shoe Gallery
Address: 01, Woolworths Building Corner Kerk &, Joubert St, Johannesburg, 2001

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