Gadget gifts for the techie in your life

Gadget gifts for the techie in your life

Get the tech lover in your life something to make them special this holiday season.

We have created a list of a few tech gifts that you can get at your local retailers.

Here is a list:

1. Bluetooth speakers

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Bluetooth speakers are cool for when your techie needs music on the go or just needs extra sound when playing games or a movie at home.

There are different brands available such as JBL, Volkano, Sony, Philips and more.

Prices range from R249 – R9,000.

You can find Bluetooth speakers at the following retailers:  ClicksGameMakroDion Wired and Musica.

2. Smartwatch 


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Lately, a smartwatch has become somewhat of a necessity to many people as they use it to measure their steps, heart rate, sleeping patterns and more.

This is a good gift to help your techie stay healthy and also not have the need to carry their phone around all day because most smartwatches will allow users to see important notifications on their watch.

The prices range between R399 – R3,000.

You can find at the following retailers: TakealotHiFi CorpGameCash CrusadersCellucity and Vodacom.

3. Wireless phone charger


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Wireless phone chargers come in handy when someone is not anywhere near to a plug or in South Africa, load-shedding happens so frequently that this can help anybody get through the day.

You can find it at the following retailers: Incredible ConnectionTelkomTakealotHiFi Corp,  Cash CrusadersCell C and Vodacom.

4.  Laptop


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Laptops have evolved over the years and become everyone’s one thing that they can’t live or do without.

People use it for work, replace their TVs and just use their laptops, to help them stay in touch with their loved ones using Skype or Google Hangouts.

Prices range from R2,000 to R40, 000.

You can find it at the following retailers: MakroGameChatz ConnectIncredible ConnectionTelkomTakealotHiFi Corp,  Cash CrusadersCell C and Vodacom.

5. Headphones

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For the gamer or just the friend with sensitive ears, headphones are always a winner in the gift department.

Prices range from R150 – R6000.

You can find it at the following retailers: MakroGameClicksMakroDion Wired and Musica.

6. Robot toy 


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Robot toys are not just meant for children but can also be a cool desk accessory or if you stay in a flat that does not allow animals, the robotic version could be a good idea as a companion.

Prices range from R99 – R1,000.

You can find it at the following retailers:  MusicaTakealot Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom.

7. Latest smartphone 

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Every year a new smartphone company changes the game and launches a new device to keep up with the trends.
Lately, Foldable phones are where it’s at or you can just stick to an iPhone. Either way, nobody will say no to a new phone as a gift.

A new phone can cost up to R35,000 or even much more.

You can find it at the following retailers: CellucityChatz ConnectIncredible ConnectionTelkomTakealotHiFi Corp,  Cash CrusadersCell C and Vodacom.

8. An  HD streaming player


Image result for Xiaomi HD streaming player

The benefit of having a streaming media player is that it connects your television or home theater to the Internet and allows you to stream video and music from online services.

This makes it easier to stream movies on Netflix, HBO and more.

The price range for one of these is between R500 – R3,000.

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